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We’re back for Round 2

Chapter 2: Back from a break

Launched in the latter stages of 2013 under the name of BreakfastSports before rebranding to In The Stand Sport, our weblog covered a wide-spectrum of sports from the Premier League and Formula One to the Tour de France.

What started as a small project quickly evolved into a structured platform for volunteer bloggers, fans that were passionate about airing their views.  Despite an increase in traffic, reaching over 50,000 unique hits per month, In The Stand Sport was closed down in 2015, until its resurrection on 17 June 2017. At this point a big thank you goes out to all those that contributed in the past.

It’s now time for Round 2 and who knows where the sports fan will take us this time around. If you’re passionate about sport and would like a voice, find us on twitter @inthestandsport and request a seat In The Stand (voluntary basis).

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