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British Grand Prix: Mansell mania

British fans went wild when Nigel Mansell won the 1992 British GP.

Here at In The Stands Sport, we were discussing the British Grand Prix and some of the great moments that have shaped its history. There’s iconic image of Nigel Mansell giving Ayrton Senna a lift back to the pit lane in 1991. The onboard footage of a dual between Alain Prost and Senna (1993) has been watched by millions of fans around the world. Every fan of Formula One will have their favourite Silverstone moment.

Dawn, one of our administrators worked for a number of years in the Formula One media circles. She spoke of the buzz and excitement in the build up to the British Grand Prix. She explains that the prospect of meeting everyone’s favourite driver, the late Ayrton Senna was certainly one of the highlights for the Silverstone staff and fans alike. Dawn recalls the time when Nigel Mansell took the chequered flag at Silverstone in 1992.

The atmosphere had been unbelievable all weekend. To witness Nigel Mansell winning the British Grand Prix was just amazing. Eveyone was emotionally charged and nobody wanted to leave the circuit. Everyone could sense that Mansell was on his way to winning the World Championship. Dawn Wozniak

This YouTube clip gives you a visual sense of what it was like to be at Silverstone in 1992.

Enjoy this year’s British Grand Prix, wherever you’re watching it. Will it be a fourth straight British GP victory for Lewis Hamilton?┬áLet us know what your favourite Britsh Grand Prix memory is via @inthestandsport

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