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Why the Flyers traded for Petr Mrazek

Flyers trade for Mrazek

The Philadelphia Flyers have traded two conditional picks to the Detroit Redwings for G Petr Mrazek.

Who gets what

Philadelphia Flyers

G Petr Mrazek.

Detroit retains 50% of Mrazek’s salary ($2M).

Detroit Redwings
  • Conditional 2018 fourth-round pick.
  • Becomes a third-round pick: Flyers make the playoffs and Mrazek win five regular-season games.
  • Becomes a second-round pick: Flyers get to the Eastern Conference Finals and Mrazek win six playoff games.
  • Conditional 2019 third-round pick (only if the Flyers re-sign Mrazek).
Does the trade make sense for the Flyers?

Flyers General Manager Ron Hextall made a savvy trade acquiring Petr Mrazek from Detroit to fill the void in net.

Hextall has said he will make a trade if it makes the team better without affecting the future, which is what occurred. Hextall did so without giving up one of the Flyers prospects, or a high draft pick.

Michal Neuvirth’s injury against the New York Rangers on Sunday made trading for a goalie essential. Alex Lyon has done well coming in for Neuvirth with a 0.910 save% this season. However, the Flyers needed a goalie with NHL and playoff experience. Hextall had to make a trade.

Mrazek has NHL and playoff experience with a 0.910 save% this season for Detroit and is 0.940% in January. The worry was that Hextall is boxed in and in need to overpay in a trade, as other teams knew of the Flyers desperate situation. Despite the pressure to acquire a new goalie, Hextall has done so without overpaying.

I am doubtful the Flyers will re-sign Mrazek.  Elliot and Neuvirth have both signed up for next season and Carter Hart is ready to take over in the AHL. The Flyers have a 95.2% of making the playoffs, according to Hockey Reference. Combining these two factors together, the likely outcome of this trade is the Redwings get one third-round pick.

Twitter reaction

From the reaction on Twitter, Redwings fans were hoping to get more for Mrazek in a trade (with the Redwings retaining 50% of the $4M salary). This has left me wondering why the Flyers only took on half of Mrazek’s salary. Could it be that Hextall still has a trade up his sleeve the before the deadline on Monday 26th? We will soon find out as the deadline approaches fast!

Photo by Kate Frese / courtesy of SBNation / @KateFresePhoto

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