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Chargers giveaway hopes of a wildcard spot

The LA Chargers know how to lose a football game

LA Chargers 17-20 Jacksonville Jaguars

There are few teams in the NFL that lose a game like the Chargers (3-6). Four of the Chargers defeats have been by a score of three points or less. The Latest defeat came in overtime to the Jaguars (6-3) when ex-Charger Josh Lambo scored a 30-yard field goal.

Austin Ekeler’s impressive running game kept Melvin Gordon on the sidelines. The rookie Ekeler was put into a high-pressure sitution that would see him fumble the football. Ball security would probably have won the game for the visitors. Gordon could have provided that assurance, it wasn’t to be.

If this game of football was to be categorised into a comedy sketch it would fit somewhere in the volume of Laurel and Hardy movies. The final two minutes of regulation had plenty of drama, not all of it good. Errors included; a Chargers’ fumble, two interceptions by Tre Boston, a taunting penalty on Bosa for roughing the passer.

Positive in defence

Few can argue with the way that Joey Bosa and Melvin Ingram are playing. The Chargers’ duo have become a quarterback’s nightmare. Bosa became the second quickest player in NFL history reach 20 sacks.

Front office with big decsions to make

The Bolts front office have got some serious thinking to do. Winning back fans and identifying a long-term replacement for Phillip Rivers are just two of the many issues to address – over to the decision makers.


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